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PPG Audanet Connection

PPG Access are pleased to announce the commercialisation of the PPG-Audanet Connection module for Business Manager and EQ

This advanced feature will be useful for Suncorp Approved Repairers who will be using Audanet to prepare quotes for Suncorp.

As Audanet is only an estimating system, it will not perform other Body Shop Management  function such as Purchase Orders, Job Card Creation, Interfaces to workshop management  systems etc. These functions will need to continue to be done via your PPG Business Manager system.

PPG have developed  an Audanet Connection  module that can  import an Audanet estimate into PPG Business Manager, eliminating  the need to rekey an estimate into Business Manager.

The PPG Audanet Connection Module has been running at pilot sites for a number of months and sites that are using it have found that  being able to import an estimate into Business Manager from Audanet is significantly quicker and more accurate than having to manually rekey the estimate.

The cost of the PPG Audanet Connection module is an additional $55 (inc GST) per month in addition to your current Business Manager costs

To have your Business manager  system updated to the Audanet connection module please click on the link below to create an email that you can send to raise an Help Desk Ticket

June 8 - New Web Update

A new Web Update for Business Manager has been posted on June 8th, 2016. To update your Business Manager software click on the button below or alternatively click on the Support tab then on the Update Business Manager button. Important Note: Dashboard MUST be closed on all computers for this update to be successfully applied.


 Download and run the latest web update:  Download button

 Features included on the latest update:  

  • Addresses issues with Mailbox
  • Solves problems with "Division by zero" on sending quotes to Audanet as well as other issues with Audanet/PNet/Business Manager sync.
  • Contains an updated Team Viewer
  • Fixes problems with the "Check Web for Updates" process
  • Enables Purchase Orders for PNet jobs not in Audanet
  • Updates for the PNet/Audanet synchronisation process
  • PNet for New Zealand customers is supported
  • A new version of Mailbox supports Audanet synchronisation
  • Supports Audanet/PNet interface and enables shops to manage the Audanet rollout from Suncorp
  • New version of MYOB Import 
  • Fixes a problem relating to synchronising PartsCheck with  Estimate Manager. 
  • Allows for the export of materials and consumables (NTAR & eMTA) to Stelvio Estimage on Additional quotes. 
  • Fixes problems with importing eMTA times using item codes.
  • Fixes a problem with saving quotes when invoice numbers are set manually. 
  • Updates the database structures to allow for longer PNet Quote Request numbers 
  • Fixes a problem with Luxury Times & Rates 
  • Speeds up the "binoculars" search
  • Removes a message box "!!!!"  when a  new quote is created.
  • Corrects a problem with the "binoculars" search in Estimate Manager where quotes could not be found unless they had been opened previously. 
  • Fixes an issue with the display of the SMS Log. 
  • Changes the WebTrim export to send value line by line rather than total.
  • Prevents inadvertent changes to Order Number when crediting items in Purchase Ordering
  • Fixes a problem where processing PNet authorisations caused lines to occasionally disappear.
  • Supports changes to the structure of the NTAR "Sundries" data. 
  • Images are able to be resized after attaching to a quote from inside the Images module. 
  • Corrects a problem witrh sending additional quotes to PNet and a range of other issues with PNet version 4
  • Fixes an issue with e-MTA connections. 
  • Allows correct printing of eMTA consumables & materials. 
  • Supports
  • Corrects a problem with GST% for quotes copied from earlier jobs. 
  • Corrects an issue with locking of quotes opened by the same user on different computers. 
  • Fixes a problem with setting GST amount on new quotes (NZ customers only). 
  • Supports the conversion process for GST Rate (NZ customers only). 
  • Supports the new e-MTA Times Style (addressing some minor problems which occurred while integrating e-MTA with other recent changes to ORM and PNet and also preventing error where the programme encounters gaps in the MTA data.)
  • Allows only one Mailbox connection at any time to prevent conflicts between computers. 
  • Body Style is correctly set in ORM quotes, even where the vehicle is not selected from the NRMA vehicle list.
  • Issues with copying and duplication of quotes and/or purchase orders have been corrected.
  • Expansion of hidden columns on the Quote Details page has been suppressed.
  • A "type mismatch" error when opening Purchase Orders has been corrected.

For a full list of features contained in the web update and which have been implemented since the release of the version 10.1.05 CD, refer to the Web Release Notes link on the updates page. To go there, click on the Support tab then on the Go to the PPGAccess Update Site link. Click on the Release Notes link.

The Updates page also has links to detailed procedures on how to update your system using the common web browsers Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox